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Now the couple, their daughter and lovable dog are preparing for another adventure By Gary Stonehouse 28th December , 4: Press Association Virgil van Dijk and his family are about to embark on their latest adventure together PA: Press Association The Dutchman will be joined on Merseyside by his childhood sweetheart Rike Nooitgedagt It completes a remarkable rise for the year-old since his breakthrough as a striker for Groningen. After his defensive talents were quickly spotted and he was shifted to the back, his journey has taken him to Scotland and the South Coast of England before his upcoming switch to Merseyside. While Van Dijk’s career has brought great success, Nooitgedag could well have been enjoying one of her own in the fashion industry but for her dedication to her man. Press Association Rike Nooitgedagt plants a kiss on Virgil van Dijk as he celebrates winning the league with Celtic Rex Features The couple have a daughter, who was born in The sweethearts have been dating since their childhood, and as he embarked on his footballing rise Nooitgedag was making waves as a fashion sales manager. However, when the opportunity arose for Van Dijk to join Celtic back in she gave up her job to follow her man to Glasgow.

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Check out one of the 10 most expensive dog breeds in the world. You won’t find many of these exclusive dogs at your local park – unless you happen to live on Park Avenue. They’re featured in many period paintings because they were popular with nobleman, but by the end of the 19th century, they were virtually extinct. They’ve been part of the Inuit Eskimo culture for more than 2, years.

Unfortunately, they were deemed “officially” extinct in , when only one registered Canadian Eskimo dog remained in Canada. The Samoyed The Samoyed is a medium-sized, fluffy sled dog that originated in Siberia.

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This story alone made headlines but Scotch experts and enthusiasts quickly smelt a rat when pictures of the bottle circulated, with many raising doubts as to its authenticity. RW co-founder, David Robertson, commented: Over the past year, we have been invited by numerous bottle owners and auction houses to assess suspicious bottles. The more intelligence we can provide, the greater the chance we have to defeat the fakers and fraudsters who seek to dupe the unsuspecting rare whisky consumer.

The result has been a big shock to the system, and we are delighted to have repaid our customer in full as a gesture of goodwill. A number of remarkably similar bottles were scooped up by The Macallan itself in the early s to bolster its old library stock but subsequent tests revealed the whiskies to be fake with the spirit inside probably no older than 10 years or so.

The possible provenance of the bottle was brought up on one site called Whiskyfun, run by the experienced collector Serge Valentin. As Robertson concluded in a statement:

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Friday 22 September Embassy and diplomatic quarter in London. The new US diplomatic outpost is being relocated from the swanky neighbourhood of Mayfair to a more industrial one, Nine Elms, on the South Bank of the Thames. Police carry out controlled explosion near US embassy in London It also does not include features in the modernist, wavy glass cube design of the new building like a reportedly bomb-resistant exterior, anti-ram barriers, and a carbon neutral operation due to photovoltaic cells.

It would also be able to continue operation through any possible London power outages.

Forget expensive dating sites, the best place to find a lover is on FACEBOOK: Social network tops list for singles looking for love Facebook was the most popular place to find love in a recent survey.

Yet, throughout human history writing has been extremely rare and something that only the most elite of the elite of a particular society knew how to do—if that society had any writing at all. Since the invention of the stylus and tablet by the ancient Mesopotamians in the 4th century BC writing utensils have come a long way. Yet, while writing is more common now than it ever has been before there is still a lot of value placed in the art.

It was created based on the Divine Proportions of Phi, so the ratio between the cap and the visible portion of the barrel when the pen is closed is equal to the phi ration 1. In addition to its divine shape, the pen is decorated with black diamonds and rubies. Top 10 Most Expensive Shoe Brands of This is big news for the world of computers and advancing technology!

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Sir Roger Moore and Elizabeth Taylor sent their children there. A science class at Le Rosey Alamy But the days when it served an inter-continental upper-class elite are long gone. It was mostly American. Then the Italians and the French came.

In the web’s early days, it was practically free to grab domain names, but now they command millions. Here are the 12 most expensive websites in history.

China has been a component of the retail story for Australia. Getty Images Mr Hudson says demand for prime locations by international tenants has led, not just to a rise in rents along Pitt Street Mall, but the limited space has seen a displacement of brands to the adjoining streets. Lipstick wars Mr Tremmellen says Melbourne is also changing with new entrants such as Britain’s Debenhams taking a lease in the St.

Mr Sears says economic growth has led to more white-collar employment in capital cities, which is flowing through to demand for a range of retailers from supermarkets to improved food offerings and the traditional apparel. The report says that to date there has been a reasonably low level of penetration from large international retailers indicating that opportunity still exists, but potential challenges remain such as Australia’s relatively high labour costs and slower income growth. Mr Sears says, however, the expansion of some, such as Aldi and Zara, has been successful.

He says a successful strategy of international retailers has been to open “fortress” or mega stores in key locations, firmly establishing a presence and then expand judiciously. Low interest rates and the strong housing market in south-eastern Australia have been key drivers of the retail market.

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A new Baroque-inspired hotel, The 13 , takes the cake as the ultimate luxury indulgence. Dripping in gold and outfitted with scrollwork, elaborate frescoes, crystal chandeliers and chrome furnishings, The 13 is every bit the French manse. The “entry-level” Villa du Comte room only a modest 2, square feet in size boasts an expansive Roman bath, vaulted ceiling, neoclassical columns and a retractable marble floor.

The most expensive shoe brands of is a tricky list. Although hands down these are the royalty in shoes, unsurprisingly many of which are from the leading luxury brands in the world, the list can be arbitrary given that each year, a fashion house will release a pricey pair .

Share this article Share Tip to toe: Wingham contributed the ideas while Campbell himself made the shoes. It isn’t the first time Wingham has crafted something worthy of royalty. However, Wingham has stated that the shoes will be her ‘swan song’ in terms of making the world’s most expensive items. The reins were not hers alone to hold, of course, as even as recently as last week it was revealed that the world’s most expensive handbag was being put for sale.

Putting on a show: The shoes were commissioned by a private client and meant for a birthday Breathtaking: It is now being offered by Christie’s in private sales Mythical: The sparkling accessory takes its inspiration from the One Thousand and One Nights The stunning heart-shaped purse is made with 4, yellow, pink and colorless diamonds and took 10 highly-skilled craftsmen 8, hours to make.

The one-of-a-kind accessory is the work of internationally renowned jeweler Robert Mouawad, who also created the world’s most expensive bra. Taking inspiration from the One Thousand And One Nights collection, the sparkling bag reflects themes of romance, mystery and fantasy in its design. The front of the bag features a firework motif in pink diamonds working outwards from a central diamond heart The front of the bag features a firework motif in pink diamonds working outwards from a central diamond heart.

The bag will be offered to the world’s wealthiest collectors through Christie’s private sales service. It is currently being showcased by the auctioneer in Hong Kong.

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Women can have full access for free. All the websites offer a discounted price if you subscribe for more than a month. Yet each of them use highly specific psychometric testing, which they claim can save you a great deal of time in your search.

The Victorian villa, once the most expensive house in the world is now a property of business magnate, philanthropist Victor Pinchuk who is married to the former Ukrainian presidents daughter, Olena Pinchuk, ownership valid from

These landscapes attract millions of local and foreign tourists annually. Every part of the country has something medieval or colonial to offer to its visitors. From the famous Complex of Hue to the mixed heritage of Trang An Landscape Complex, the country is a wonder with cities dating back to several years. Complex Of Hue Monuments Hue was established as the capital of Vietnam in as the only political, cultural, and religious center under the last Ngunyen Royal Dynasty.

The complex of Hue Monument is famous for the Belvedere of the Five Phoenixes where the emperor appeared during royal occasions. Hue Citadel was the administrative center of Southern Vietnam in the 17th and 18th century. The Tran Binh Dai was designed to control the flow of the river, and Tran Hai Thanh was constructed to protect the capital from any sea assault.

The government owns the Complex of Hue Monuments. The natural site is protected by the Convention which aims to preserve the world cultural heritage. It has a total of about 1, islands, and the islets have a total area of about 4, hectares. The site has limestone karst landforms with spectacular coastal erosion pillars, caves, and arches. It provides romantic getaways with people traveling to see the beauty of the 20th century in La Long Bay.

In the 15th to 19th century, the small town was a Southeast Asian trading port.

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