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What’s included in a typical cleaning? Dusting, mopping, and vacuuming all rooms Trash removal to your outdoor cans Kitchen counters, floor, and stove cleaning Bathroom vanity, tub, and toilet cleaning Window washing, wall washing and interior oven cleaning are not included How many hours should I choose? Hours are listed in worker-hours, meaning that a four-hour appointment could either be one pro working for four hours or two pros working for two hours. The price estimate shown above is based on the number of total cleaning hours. Our suggested cleaning time is based on information we gathered from our providers using the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to estimate the total size of the home. We give a recommendation based on your inputs but you should choose the number of hours you believe best suits your needs. How will the house cleaner know my priorities? If it’s your first time booking an appointment with the house cleaner, be sure to review the scope of work outlined on this page before your appointment so you know what’s included in a typical cleaning. Plan to be available to review your cleaning preferences and priorities when your pro arrives.


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Nov 02,  · Speed Dating Meets Online Dating in New York City – Duration: IBTimesTV 42, views. “El Presidente” Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports & Luis J. Gomez – .

The story of manti te’o, the football story whose girlfriend never really existed points to something new in our changing world. Not just a little deception, but a cruel and humiliating charade made possible by the digital age. Abc’s dan harris has more on the latest discrepancies. There are some reports that the girl who apparently so enraptured mant eight te’o was not a girl at all, but still a young man.

There are a lot of open questions about this case. But what we do know, romantic deception in the age of the internet is rampant. You fill in love with a blonde named abbey, but it was really this girl. Pretty much all of it was, you know, me. A muscle man named scorpio turned out to be this guy.

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We liked the quick approval and payment turnaround with this provider but were concerned with their low BBB rating and citations from the state of California. While their website may not be as professional as others in our review, it does offer helpful information to those in need of a short-term loan. Continued from above Drawbacks? Payday loans typically charge service fees that are greater than traditional loans.

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They should try to host niche sports tournaments with the actual best competitors in those sports. (Table tennis, eating, special olympics, etc.). No more gimick hires (The Fat Guy, The Midget, The Exotic Ethnicity Guy, etc.).

Data shows that rivals Bleacher Report and Barstool Sports have done a better job of engaging social audiences, and gained an increasing share of ad dollars. The comparisons raise thorny questions for the Disney-owned sports-media giant — namely, does it even care if it’s not good at social media? While there’s still plenty of money to be had from TV ads, the long-term risk is that it’ll lose its position with young audiences.

Sports are as much about fandom and conversation as they are about watching games, and for a long time ESPN’s hit show “SportsCenter” owned that conversation. Not only did it have a lockdown on all the key highlights on a given day, but it had hipster anchors like Dan Patrick, Keith Olbermann, and Stuart Scott tossing off catchphrases and building devoted followings of their own. Now, for many young fans, the trash talk and highlight reels are found on social media, in shareable digital videos on Facebook and through witty posts on Instagram or Twitter.

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OddsShark Staff Wed, Dec 20, Back in the person or people behind the Nakamoto identity were searching for a way to create a purely digital exchange system, one which could conceivably replace the cash and coin model used for much of human history. The concept of Bitcoin simply removes this trusted third party, creating a genuine peer-to-peer system of exchange which is wholly unregulated by any outside entity or middlemen. What is the Blockchain?

LIVE NOW: Electric Chair – World Series Game 5 – Live from Barstool Sports HQ LIVE NOW: Electric Chair – World Series Game 5 – Live from Barstool Sports HQ.

She is a Libra and currently 26 years of age. Till 19 years of age she was raised in her birthplace and later moved to San Diego, California. There she loved to spend time on the beach and started swimsuit modeling. She gradually shifted to acting along with modeling and got into full swing of California life. Arnett was at one point the face of Flex Watches and Hooters with her super sexy pictures put up all across the country.

Her fame trickled to television with her appearance in Comedy Central reality series Tosh. Apart from television and print media, Arnett started her online profiles in various social networking platforms. Her Instagram profile alone has Her profile has over posts of herself mostly clad in skimpy bikinis and butt showing shorts which are followed and liked by thousands of people. She is sometimes seen with her beloved 4 year old Alaskan Klee Kai dog Marley.

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Aiming to own election coverage through a comedic, honest and direct lens, Barstool utilized Facebook Live as a platform in which they could react to and report on election coverage in real time while interacting with their fans. Barstool News Network leveraged existing Barstool talent and a rising platform for their fans to take on the Election by the common man, for the common man. Why does this entry deserve to win? Barstool Sports fans or “Stoolies” crave content and the opinion of Barstool personalities unlike any other fanbase.

Barstool Sports is a sports & pop culture blog covering the latest news and viral highlights of each and everyday with blogs, videos and podcasts. By the common man, for the common man.

Needless to say, people who have lots of interests and experiences are much more interesting to potential partners and can relate to a wider array of people. So, if you are not already a Renaissance man or woman it may be time to try your hand at new pastimes to whip out some sex appeal. Here are five activities to make yourself unbelievably sexy for your perfect match in online dating: Cooking Both men and women love to eat, and few things can be as alluring as being able to tantalize the taste buds.

Seeing and smelling a talented chef in action can be like watching an artist painting a masterpiece. If you are a guy, throwing off the traditional gender role stereotypes associated with cooking can show you are worldly, open-minded and secure. Also, given the amount of preparation and planning involved for many dishes, preparing a special meal for your lady can show her how much she means to you. Bring out the romance with chocolate covered strawberries or even a fondue.

Ballroom Dancing Dancing is one of the most primal forms of attracting a potential mate. Animals do it and you should do it. Of course, while being able to twerk in a club can be a huge turn on for some, doing something a little more refined, like ballroom dancing, can be a real advantage.

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His last event, a Georgia-Kentucky SEC college basketball game went to overtime , giving fans five extra minutes with him. The man who revolutionized the NFL pregame host position, as well as calling many a college football and basketball game, essentially went out the way he wanted. Last year, it was Voice of the Dodgers, Vin Scully. This year, it was Kings play caller Bob Miller. Back in March, Miller formally announced his retirement, citing health issues that had beset him including heart bypass surgery and a mild stroke that had caused him to miss games.

Miller had called Kings games dating back to the season and had been given a lifetime contract by the team to remain as its TV voice.

Official store of Barstool Sports, the home of Saturdays are for the Boys, Viva La Stool, and One Bite. Shirts and gear by the common man, for the common man.

This ought to even the score after all that crap Millennials got about saving money to buy avocado toast instead of houses, or whatever. Divorce is becoming less common in the United States. New analysis by University of Maryland sociology professor Philip Cohen, who studied divorce rates among women between and , shows that the overall rate of divorce has decreased by 18 percent in that time.

And we can’t simply credit the massive Baby Boomer generation for getting old and less inclined to divorce. When Cohen controlled for factors like age, the divorce rate still showed a decline of 8 percent, indicating there’s more to the decline than one generation simply aging out. The big takeaway is this: Today’s young women are more likely to stay married than Boomer women, largely because they are entering marriages much differently.

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The illustrator is equally as entertaining to interview as in How To Eat Pizza. Why did you choose to make a book about pizza? Have you eaten pizza?! Pizza has always been there for me. How do you come up with so many different expressions for the pizza slices? I think animators do this as well.

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Thanks to a solid recruiting strategy by Nick Mingione, UK is still a contender in With a handful of talented JUCO transfers and incoming freshman, the Cats have a variety of ways they could fill the shoes of some of the most successful players in UK history. Here is a look at how the Cats will replace the nine players that were drafted in First Base The biggest hole UK will have to fill will be at first base. Evan White was the top defensive first baseman in the country as well as a.

There is no team that could immediately fill that offensive hole like UK can.

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