April 15, Getty Images From to , for what would turn out to be a fitting four years, J. Here are 16 things you might not have known about the hit WB series. Abrams, who at the time was best known as the screenwriter of Regarding Henry and Armageddon, was vacationing with his new bride in Bali in when he randomly thought of the name of a former high school classmate. With the name “Felicity” stuck in his brain, he thought up a coming-of-age drama about a girl named Felicity. It turns out her fears were justified, in a way. And then she started reading and was just funny as hell. And if you’re funny, I don’t care, you win. So he got on a plane to Los Angeles and “basically J.

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Happy sponsors asking for more blockbuster programming. But after pointing how ridiculous the show was in one article the point was made. Now it just gives more publicity to encourage more bad behavior. Completely ignoring it from here on out is the last thing Discovery wants, and the best way to discourage this nonsense. Discovery could care less about attracting a seal of approval from accredited scientists; their target is the viewer who knows nothing about science nor cares anything about science, but who is in search of something entertaining and engaging.

Pop Culture Facts to Have Ready for Trivia Night One of our all-time favorite trivia questions about the show comes via BuzzFeed: How long had Jim and Pam been dating when he bought her.

Rufus Winnfield “You know, walk the earth, meet people Once back in her journalistic safe space, she decides to commit her harrowing ordeal of feminist triumph to the Internet, and that event, along with whatever accompanying train of thought it may or may not have had, will be our topic on this one. Brantz has done something similar.

Apparently her being-a-sex-object-while-refusing-to-be-a-sex-object was not satisfied by the bikini romp, so she decides to go to a nude beach, and NOT be a sex object there, while being totally naked and reading a book by Jessica Valenti titled what else but Sex Object. Her bikini story is some sort of eating disorder mish-mash that culminates in an extremely pale, plain girl in an ugly bikini eating cheese balls on a park bench.

Who takes pants to the beach?

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By David Pierson Aug 08, Immediately after seeing the picture, the “Try Guys” — four up-for-anything millennials — thought it would be a good idea to drink two bottles of wine and video themselves imitating the famous photograph while covered in baby oil and not much else. Low unit costs plus huge page views could add up to a rich stream of advertising revenue. That — and the company’s direct route into the millennial demographic — is one reason NBCUniversal is in talks to acquire a piece of the fast-growing private company.

Sep 27,  · If you don’t already know, Buzzfeed is a social news site that has been quickly picking up speed in the last few years. From it’s popular “Dog A Day” feature to slideshows showcasing the many faces of Johnny Depp.

Kurtwood Smith was an amazing and stern father to Eric in “That 70’s Show”, but was not the original choice for that role. Chuck Norris was the initial choice for Red Foreman, but had to pass on the role since he was filming “Walker, Texas Ranger,” so Kurtwood Smith was cast instead. Season Titles From 70s Bands The show stayed true to 70s culture by naming their episodes after songs by popular rock bands of the time.

The fifth season titles are all from Led Zeppelin songs, the sixth season titles are all from The Who songs, the seventh season are all The Rolling Stones songs, and then the eighth season’s titles are all Queen songs. A Young Starlet Mila Kunis was only 14 years old when she auditioned for the show. When asked her age by the producers, she misled them by telling a technical truth: However, Wilmer Valderrama has stated that he fabricated the accent he used on the show to make it impossible to identify which country his character is from, a mystery that has been deliberately kept a secret.

However, because both names were references to songs by The Who and Steely Dan, legal issues prevented their use. As a result, the show was eventually announced as “Feelin’ Alright”, but that name didn’t catch on. After noticing that audience members in focus groups would say things such as “I like that ’70s show” to describe it, they eventually decided to simply call the series “That ’70s Show”.

A True 70’s Man Tommy Chong, the actor who played Leo, was absent from the show from while serving a jail sentence for selling “drug paraphernalia” water pipes. He expressed surprise later that this wasn’t written into the show’s storyline since it fit his character so well. Interestingly enough, Tommy was cellmates with Jordan Belfort, and encouraged him to write his memoirs what later became the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are engaged, and we offer them our heartiest congratulations – particularly Markle. Even under normal, non-royal circumstances, going out with someone from the UK isn’t like dating a fellow American. Drinking culture is alive and well in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Apr 25,  · Being a person of denial, you get used to using a lot of buffers to distract you from messes in life. One of my favorite things to do is take those stupid quizzes you see pop up on Facebook and ask things like which kind of dog you are, which movie is perfect for your next date night, or what kind of TV villain your next BF will be.

Do you want to make your first date into a relationship? When going out for date, wear blue. Want to flirt your partner? Want to earn money? Know other ways to make money online — 15 ways to make money online. Men, maintain good body language. Avoid negativity, as it is the biggest turn-off during a date. Be happy and optimistic, some studies show that people find it hard to walk away from happy people. Women, try to break away from loud groups.

Yes you heard it right, as studies show that men are put off by groups of loud women.

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Her life journey is fascinating and inspiring and worth to be written about. She also touches on a number of social topics in a comical way and puts across her points well. Let us try to have a glimpse of this BuzzFeed video actress who is better known as Quinta B.

In a stunning, but predictable, display of female hamstering, Loryn Brantz, illustrator at large and Buzzfeed columnist, decided that she wished to partake in full participation at a nude beach while on vacation, and then got annoyed that men looked at her while doing such.

We are waiting for him to show off his talent in new films as a Muggle this time. Read these interesting facts about Daniel Radcliffe. Some of these facts may be quite new to you. Daniel Radcliffe was born on July 23, in London. His date of birth makes him a cusp between a Cancer and Leo. His first love is music. His favorite musical instrument is the bass guitar.

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Before August of , there was no MTV. Duran Duran got their name from a character in a s film Barbarella. Coca-Cola caused a big hullabaloo when they changed the formula of Coke. The public was unhappy and expressed their disapproval, causing Coca-Cola to go back to the original formula; they called it Coke Classic.

The River Thames is a river that flows through southern England.. With a total length of kilometers ( miles), the Thames is the longest river entirely in England and the second longest in the United Kingdom.. It rises at Thames Head in Gloucestershire, and .

Yet behind her sensational voice and signature ponytail lies another Ariana that both fans and other celebrities are not enjoying. She has been accused of displaying diva-like behavior on more than a dozen occasions and almost everyone is revealing the “real Ari” to the world. The Florida-born singer is managed by Scooter Braun, who also looks after the career of Justin Bieber, so he clearly holds a track record of transforming stars into mini-brats.

You have to work to be able to appreciate what you have, and what work did she ever have to do in her life? One fan asked her why the show had come to an end and she did not hold back. She seemed to be a leech for drama and gossip.

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They published weekly or even less often, in editions of a few hundred copies. There were no reporters. Printers were just technicians who managed the presses. To fill the pages, they leaned on their audience, who contributed letters, articles and essays. Citizens opined on the legal system, composed poems advocating the rights of women or wrote up detailed instructions on how to self-inoculate against smallpox.

Check out some known fun facts and trivia this sting facts about halloween, fun halloween facts, halloween weird facts. Amazing facts and trivia and all that you would love to know on Halloween Show navigation Hide navigation dating back over years to the time of .

Barbie is just a nickname. Her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. She’s named after the daughter of Mattel’s co-founders, Ruth and Elliot Handler. Their son’s name is Kenneth. Flickr, Marina Corte-Real 2. You’re probably not Barbie’s biggest fan. She’s been collecting since , and owns 15, different kinds. A Swiss older lady was the inspiration for Barbie. Ruth Handler was inspired to create Barbie after seeing the ‘Bild Lilli’ doll in Switzerland, and noticed her daughter liked playing with dolls that resembled older woman, instead of babies.

Barbie’s first outfit was not pink. Ken and Barbie’s relationship was once on the rocks.

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